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Dealing with elaborate projects? Actano Platform is made for you.

We are bringing our expertise to the cloud with Actano Platform - a modern collaborative project management platform empowering you and your teams to stay focused and competitive in the fast pace of innovation. Interested?
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Whether working on multiple projects, with distributed teams in different timezones or on heavy high risk industry projects, we provide the tools so that you can focus on your goals.

Modern project challenges

An Actano commisioned study reveals that every third project is overdue & every sixth project fails due to increasing complexity.

In this interview with CEO Holger Lörz talks about the challenges companies face today when dealing with project management.

Why Actano Platform?

Navigate project complexity

The world of projects is increasingly complex, resulting in project inefficiency. Every 3rd project is overdue, every 6th project fails.

Simplify project understanding

Collaboration needs to be flexible, project structures need to be simple and transparent. This ensures project leaders have the autonomy to manage projects themselves.

Share project expert knowledge

The project platform enables experts to bring their knowledge into a platform and share with surrounding projects & people that need it precisely in the moment they need it.

Because we want to remove the increasing complexity of data and tool integration and enable you to focus on effective project management and collaboration.

Projects learn from projects

By putting professional project management knowledge into software, and by making it easily accessible, projects don’t need their own experts for configuration.

Leverage project scenarios

Use project templates to get a head start. Project leaders should be able to learn from successfull examples. Actano's platform leverages templates to tackle some wide known project scenarios.

Focus on the objective

You need to be focused on your goals in order to produce meaningful work. Navigating between various siloed tools and processes is hurting both produtivity and effective collaboration.

Built using deep insights of today's complex project environments

Realtime collaboration and interactive 3D visualization in the cloud

Actano Platform presents the Collaboration Room - First multi-dimensional shared project space perfect for fueling productivity in distributed teams.

Cognitive computing and intelligent automization boosting efficiency

Actano Platform and IBM Watson present Project Health: an intelligent project agent identifying errors, critical issues and areas for optimization.

A new platform economy powered by the needs of big project organizations

Complex projects need tools adapted to their needs. With the Actano Platform we unite project people with project experts in order to meet your needs.

Applying knowledge is the value unit of the future of work

Join the Actano Adventure

Transform your project management expertise into a scalable business. Bringing your expertise into the platform is key to simplifying projects and one of Actano Platform’s core advantages.

The platform economy has already proven it’s potential to create and scale new businesses, invent new jobs, even new professions. Want to be part of the Actano Platform adventure?

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